Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adjusting, In My Own Way

We have spent the past few days expanding our horizons slightly. Tuesday we took the bus to the big box mall that had a Boots and M&S. We picked up a few household items and looked through the grocery section. It surprises me how inexpensive the food is here. Two litres of milk is less than a pound.
I am frustrated trying to cook meals and feel I need to do so that we can spend more experiencing what is around us.  We have minimal supplies for preparing meals, no large bowl for tossing salad, no oven mitts or towel to take things out of the oven, no tongs. I guess I am spoiled that a great, well equipped kitchen at home makes it so enjoyable to cook for the family. We will pick up a few of these needs along the way, however £10 for a pair of tongs I only really need for 7 weeks doesn’t seem worth the value. IKEA is apparently having a great sale right now and I am hoping Chris can stop by after renting the car on Friday and pick up the items on my list.
 Another frustration is the lack of internet. Although we have acquired quite the information centre on the back table, even most brochures point you to the website for important information.  I am having a hard time planning activities not to mention figuring out the transportation systems.  The web is fabulous, when you are able to use it.
Yesterday, we took the bus to Lisburn. We visited the Linen Museum, a small but very well laid out exhibit, and the Castle Gardens. We explored the shops and the leisure centre. We are all still tired and adjusting and need some down time in the afternoon.
Tomorrow holds a quiet day to catch up on rest. A trip to the playground, the butcher to pick up dinner, an afternoon nap for Gavin and some research for our weekend trip to the Athlone/Galway area is on the to do list. We are very much looking forward to exploring the Irish Countryside this upcoming long weekend.

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