Friday, July 22, 2011


Never even thought I would have the nerve to do it here, but I drove today. I had truly thought that it would just beyond me, if I couldn’t write with my left hand without having to over-think each and every stroke of the pen, than driving was not an option. 
It would have been only a few dollars more and take much more time, so rather than take the bus to the airport we rented a car instead. Chris picked up the car last night before he and Elliot saw the new Harry Potter flick and since it was easier for him to take the bus into work in the morning, I was left with the car. I googled tips on driving on the other side of the road, hoping to find something I hadn’t already thought about. Nothing jumped out and I thought that was positive sign.  Fully expecting if I did get the nerve to get out in the car that I would turn around and head back home, I went out on my own to pick up a few staples we needed for the following week. I made it to the shopping centre without issue. That being said, it wasn’t until I entered the parking lot that I realized I needed to park too! I parked in the middle of several open spaces.  The automatic car that we rented was not as automatic as I am used to at home. You can feel each gear change and you can’t take your foot off the gas/ brake and expect the car will move a little because it just doesn’t, but the car was really enjoyable to drive and I really liked the practicality of the roundabouts from a driver’s perspective.  After coming home and getting the kids a quick lunch, we all zipped out to the toy store which is otherwise difficult to get to. Kyra and Gavin were thrilled to browse and Kyra bought a Sylvanian Family set (UK Calico Critters).  
I may never drive on the opposite side of the road again but I am glad I did. The fear I had was shrunken and while still present became positive fear in the end. What surprised me the most was that it was easier with the more cars around. Easier to go with the flow and fall into place.

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