Monday, August 1, 2011

All Socks in This Wardobe are Soaked

Sunday was a wet rainy day here in NI. Considering I had been told that it generally rains every day here, I think we have lucked out weather wise. The rain doesn’t usually stop us since it can either spit all day (as it did yesterday) or it can stop any minute and the sun comes out. Weather forecasts generally aren’t too helpful, especially if you are looking more than a day ahead.
We started the day off with a nice Sunday breakfast using the fresh eggs purchased at the farmers’ market.  The cleanest tasting eggs I have ever had, there was no grassy metallic aftertaste that usually make eggs taste, well, eggy.
Bellies set for a damp day of exploring we headed south east to the Mourne Mountains. We had some great views of the area when we had our extended weekend in Ireland early in our trip. The area is beautiful and said to have influenced C.S. Lewis for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
We stopped at a small parking lot overlooking the Irish Sea to have a quick look around. The rain had broken and while there were no signs at the parking lot, we just happened to end up at exactly one of the point we had wanted to stop. We walked along the trail towards Bloody Bridge- referring to the 17th century massacre where bodies of slain prisoners were tossed over the bridge colouring the river below.  The path was narrow and wet, high above the waves that crashed up on the shore below us. We happily explored the trail finding giant slugs, snails, unusual flowers, and even catching sight of a seal in the water.
Our drive brought us towards an old corn mill that was closed but the kids at a great time at the park. With the exception of the slide, it was almost entirely made of rope. What was daunting for Gavin was taken as a challenge and a lot of fun for Kyra.
Not much was open along the route and we were a little disappointed that the small shops in the villages we passed through were closed on Sundays. It is certainly something to consider as we plan the next few weekends.

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