Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

We travelled into Belfast today to see a stage production of The Jungle Book. Kyra had been looking forward to checking this one off the list. The Lyric Theatre is a smallish theatre that is beautifully designed. The theatre was only about a third full (Tuesday matinee). I had purchased the ticket and liked the Row C option that was given to me. I was happy to be nice and close (although any seats in the theatre likely would have been great) but not right in front in case something might startle Gavin or should he even fall asleep. I had no idea that rows A and B would be taken out for the stage so we ended up being front row, stage right. I was felt a little uneasy for the same reasons I had liked the idea of the third row but was pleasantly surprised that Gavin was focused the entire time.
All of us really enjoyed the show. The Man that played Mowgli was very acrobatic and the small cast of six not only plays all the parts in the musical but also plays all the instruments. The show was closer to the original Rudyard Kipling story rather than the Disney-fied version and with original songs and music it was a real treat. Kyra really enjoyed the portrayal of Bagheera the panther and Elliot liked that Baloo the Bear was played by an actor who looked remarkably like Zach Galifiankis of ‘Hangover’ fame.
Having waited in line during intermission to get their faces painted and running out of time, Kyra and Gavin were thrilled that the face painter was still there after the show. They waited in the short line again and were lucky to see and talk to the actors that played Mowgli and Baloo out of character. When asked if he liked the show, Gavin told “Baloo” he saw jungle book two times! All flattered that we must have really liked it, I clarified that Gavin enjoyed both Act 1 and Act 2.

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