Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gavin and Kyra, A Day of Play, Today, W5, For Fun- Why Else?

3 Feet in the air after pulling
 himself up with the help of a pulley.
The little ones and I headed into Belfast today to explore the W5. Four floors of interactive exhibits makes for a great day for the under eight set. One of the many exhibits was a carbon copy of the Kidspark area at the Ontario Science Centre, somewhere Gavin and Kyra really enjoy playing so it was a hit for them.
Kyra really has no chance in this tug of war.
 Gavin ispulling the rope from up high but Kyra
 is pulling from her waist height.
The rest of the children’s museum was just as engaging as they explored animal tracks, designed their own butterflies, used bowling balls to launch tennis balls into the air and even pull their own body 3 feet into the air using pulleys. They explored senses, sound, pressure and lift, fascinated by what they were doing but before they could learn the why in W5, their attention was quickly on to the next what.

Belfast's Big Fish
 A fun place to explore that was not particularly Irish in any way, but the little ones thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got to play the day away

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